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Our families, our health, our communities, this crazy harvest we just are trying to complete Be careful that you do not get compassion fatigue. Find out more with Jolene Brown. Jolene Brown dives deep into three gaps you can mind around the holidays with your family members, to allow this season to move along smoothly. It is the spirit of Christmas that drives the Neubauers, even in the long, hot, sweaty summers when there is much work to be done. Believe it or not, the holiday season can be a time when people report their highest stress. Read this article on tips to manage holiday stress.

The Christmas season always brings in a new year. We are reminded in this blog the clock keeps ticking and we become reflective. Machinery breakdowns can be extremely expensive to fix - costing time and money. Then, there is the food. The good, old, natural farm food.

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Farmers have great values. Most of them have been raised in traditional families nurturing some traditional values, such as honesty, kindness, hard work, loyalty and respect. Of course they are.

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Farmers are very trustworthy and reliable. They simply have to be, considering so many things on the farm depend on them. On a farm, everything needs to be done in a certain way, at a certain pace and at a certain time, otherwise it could all fall apart. The Cons Farmers work terrible hours.

dating a farmer memes 3

In fact, many farmers told us that from May until early winter they are out there pretty much all the time and scheduling a date can be tricky. Nature is unpredictable and you never know when something is going to go wrong and ruin your date plans. You can visit your date at work.

The Best Thing About Dating a Farmer...

And you can help them at work. But it's a fine line to walk before your farmer will start expecting your help and teaching you how to do things like drive tractor. Farmers ARE small business owners and as any small business owner knows, it does require brains and brawn but it also carries A TON of stress. This constant worry will be there always and stress is something you come to live with on a day-to-day basis. Even though we can plan out our year on paper, there is a lot of uncertainty in farming.

Lots of things can happen that will cause failures. If you can't handle uncertainty, dating a farmer may not be for you.

Okay, so eHarmony hit this one right on the nail Farmers are community players and they DO help out a neighbor in need. That is percent true no matter where you live. Farmers understand the struggle and are always willing to help a fellow farmer in need.


You will learn something new every day. Farmers are a wealth of knowledge about the land, the history of the land, plants, crops, and all sorts of other interesting things. You will learn so much about the ins and outs of farming, even from just dating a farmer. Embrace it and soak up as much knowledge as you can! Dating a farmer will teach you independence and strength.

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If you are the least bit co-dependent, dating a farmer will be the hardest relationship you will ever have. They work long hours, miss lots of suppers or dinners , and rely on you to be independent and get things done while they are gone. Farmers may not live in condos, but they do most of the time live in, or at least start in, old farmhouses that are usually quirky, not updated, and come with their own challenges. If you go from living a luxurious city life to old farmhouse, it could be quite a culture shock.

It will be a constant work in progress as any house will be so be prepared to take on a challenge or save for the future and your forever home. They spend lots of money. For those who are financially conscious, it may be tough to find yourself in a relationship where money goes away just as easy as it comes in.

Give a farmer a dollar and he'll spend two. The grain markets, the animal markets, and all other things in agriculture are forever changing. The potential to make a ton of money is just as easy to lose a ton of money. Farming can be a gamble and let's hope you've got luck on your side. Dating a farmer will teach you to learn to love the unpredictable. Not making plans or not sticking to a plan is the way of life for a farmer, anything can change at a moment's notice.

It just may be that you will be woken up in the middle of the night because something goes wrong or you've got to go out and check cows that are waiting to calf. Farmers know how to get anywhere and everywhere and are usually great with directions. Is the road closed?