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Get the HookUP app. Avoid black taxis at night. You cannot get alcohol in most resturants, but then why should you. Bangladesh is a Muslim country and you need to respect that. The girls are very pleasant in Bangladesh, but you will have trouble talking to them without their father's permission. If you are coming for the girls, don't come. These are all bull shits man. Friday afternoon will be more suitable to visit dhaka since friday is the holiday there so trafiick is less at that time. U can fine almost every shopping centre open at friday afternoon. Fridays are usually better to see around Dhaka since all offices are closed that day.

Since you guys are going from the Western World, a simple few hours trip around the main cities preferable Dhaka, Chittagong would suffice.

Other Dhaka Cities:

What you may want to do is get an understanding of the lifestyle of these people. Try to see and feel these -. Underdstand the fact that the PM before her was also a female. Also know that the next PM will be a female too.

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While wondering around in this tiny land, also keep in mind that the largest Muslim country in the world Indonesia has a female leader. The second largest Muslim country Pakistan in the world also had a female leader a few years ago. While you are strolling in the world's most densed area, contrast that with the U. See if you can spend a night there with an ordinary farmer.

Select a house at random. See and feel the hospitality accorded to guests even when they are very needy. See the richness of her eyes.

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See how proud she is as she toils making clothes for you and I. What kind of feelings do you get when you realize that your purchase of garments which is made in Bangladesh has made this girl independent? Try to feel that your and my buying the Bangladesh-made-garments have given this girl a capability to buy goods for her own self. If and when you see commercials for Bangladeshi cosmetics, see how your purchases have made all those cosmetic factories humming with thosands more.

I was amazed to see what they can make and how they make it.

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But visit Cox's Bazar just so that you can ask people trivia questions like as to what is the longest sea beach in the world. But stay away from homemade "Bangla Mod" or Bangla alcohol. Otherwise, you may die.

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However, getting prostitutes should not be difficult in Dhaka and Chittagong. Most of them are college students making some extra money.

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Do not go for the ones in the streets. Use bottled water only and only the brand name ones.

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Bottled water is as safe as any in the world! Do you remember 60 minutes report on bottled water?

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If you do, you will be swarmed with people as if you are a victim in an Alfred Hitchcock's movie. Even NY City cabbies will be afraid of bus and truck drivers of Bangladesh. If you are Bangladeshi looking guy, this advice does not apply. You MUST listen to them. If it contradicts me, take a sceptical look at their advice.

Whenever I visit, I intentionally take the underage boys' rickshaw, or an elderly man's rickshaw because they are usually avoided by everyday riders. At the end of the ride, I give them money, ask them to take a week off, go shopping to buy a sari for his mother, clothes for his sister, and a panjabi for his father.

I am not ashamed when I see tears in their eyes and in turn they see tears in mine.

Keep in mind every human being can sense if you give with love or with an attitude. But I hope that you can have a good time by knowing the people, their culture, and their life style. All countries have buildings and unique natural beauties. But getting the sense of human spirits of different people is the true worthiness of visiting a country.