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A study looking at the treatment of those with severe and enduring eating disorders reports statistics on the subject population that are revealing, and very sad. In this study the average participant was 33 years old and had been ill for over 16 years. Eating disorders trigger and are predicated by a tendency for self-loathing and shame.

Dissatisfaction with the self may lead individuals to believe that they can not be loved anyway, and so not risk the vulnerability that comes with opening up to another person. Isolation and separation are both a root and result of eating disorder s , as individuals compensate for their loneliness by retreating further into the disorder, and perpetuating it. Existing relationships will change.

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Friendships will alter as personality and vivacity start to wither as weight does. Quite apart from the number of social occasions which revolve around food — and no one likes to dine with someone pushing a salad around — people want friends who can engage and interact, rather than those who are obsessive, irritable and lost in their own worlds of the disorder.

Judgments will be made about your capability based upon your weight, which causes difficulties at work and opportunities available as a result. But in the throes of an eating disorder encouragement to cease exercising or eat more healthily can be the last thing that we want. Support feels like a challenge to the eating disorder, and so we stop forming relationships and push those we already have relationships with away. Human beings naturally do not want to be rejected, and so the healthy person who has had their support and help rejected time and time again may feel responsible, helpless, that their help is futile, and so give up.

The Secret Life of Dating With an Eating Disorder

A relationship once based on mutual support can shift to that of a carer-patient role, upsetting the balance of adult relationships, and resulting in unhealthy and stressful attachment. Why is this such a taboo in eating disorder recovery. Literally, the bones become who we want to share a bed with. Many people with eating disorders struggle with sexual intimacy and a reduction in libido. There could be many reasons for this, but two stand out.

A starved body starts to switch off the non-essential functions — like the ability to have children, focusing the limited energy resources on heart and brain function. If the body is barely able to look after itself, it cannot support the growth of another being.

One of the key signs of anorexia nervosa in particular, is amenorrhea. The hormones which allow menstruation, particularly estrogen, need fat cells in order to be produced. Sexual satisfaction studies have shown that sexual satisfaction is inversely related to degree of caloric restriction and that the greater the weight loss, the greater the loss of sexual enjoyment.

The good news is that increases in sexual drive accompany weight restoration. It all comes down to priorities. No space for intimacy.

No opportunity to build meaningful relationships. Which relationships in your life are important? Is the eating disorder the only connection you want? How would recovery improve your relationships?

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Leave your comments in the comment section below. Enter your email address below and get inspiration delivered straight to your inbox. I can say I saw this happen in my own life multiple times. I just hope with time I will be able to find that balance and accept love again. I agree this is such a major part of an eating disorder. I am 20 and have still never had sex or any kind of intimate relationship, due to my issues with my body. At this stage I feel like I never will! I really hope we can all find hope and love somewhere soon x.

This is a really interesting article. I wonder if different disorders manifest in a variety of ways when it comes to relationships, though. For example, what about the relationship between someone with bulimia or OSFED or even binge ED that has to balance that with a toxic internal relationship with how they assume others especially sig. Not sure if that makes sense!

Bulimia Recovery and Dating: How/Why to Open Up to a New Partner About Your Bulimia

I have a binge ED after years of dieting and it all went to hell after one year on and off a very low calorie diet. Now I am in recovery, my habits became much better im doing intuitive eating and my energy levels are better, I am working and studying and doing a lot of fun things… I mean Im getting better, Im winning the battle.

But I am the fattest I ever been in my life. And I have a partner I love and he supports me but we dont have sex very often. My body image is very poor. I dont know what else to do to improve that. He says I should be patient since I improved so much, and I will get trough this stage too. But I wish more people talked about this because I really miss my sex drive and I havent felt good in so long… If you guys have any advice oor recomendations on books I could read Id apretiate it. I completely agree with this article.

The Secret Life of Dating With an Eating Disorder

Suffering from eating disorders through such a crucial timefor relationship and sexual development, like puberty and adolescence, I never found someone to be intimate with nor I understood why my friends loved sex so much.. Could you please write a continuation to this? In deed An eating disorder can affect relationships. And its something that could create conflicts, ruin and end valuable relationships. Thanks for this nice post. Thank you so much for this article and all of your comments. Having love for my recently departed partner over minor issues and their seemingly frustrations with past and not so healthy choices, has hurt me deeply I know I could have done more or different.

I understand more now and hope she finds her balance and happiness as well as makes healthy choices.

Scenario #1: The conversation that didn’t go so well and why...

Love to all of you and you are beautiful! Thank you for this article. Know what you are hoping for in a potential date and be unwilling to compromise for anything less — because you deserve it! The opinions and views of our guest contributors are shared to provide a broad perspective of eating disorders. These are not necessarily the views of Eating Disorder Hope, but an effort to offer discussion of various issues by different concerned individuals.

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