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And with such data, comes in-depth fact finding.

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Me being attached already was a big NO to them. GaiGai has a strict SDNtrust accreditation, that strictly ensures that all their applicants are single. We met at Cecil Street where GaiGai is located for our interview with a relationship manager. The interview was conducted behind closed doors in a small private white room, a good omen for fresh starts.

It soon got pretty in-depth. Freddie now had to dig deep and list his preferences in a potential partner, which proved to be a challenge for someone as easy going as he is.

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The relationship manager covered everything including past relationships and reasons it failed, among other personal questions. Freddie, in this case, just wanted to get a date, while I was mainly curious about their dating service. GaiGai also offers certain perks to help prepare you for your date. Perks such as ensuring your eyebrows are on fleek or your outfit is on point, and other trendy millennial nuances.

So instead of swiping left or right on a face you see over a screen, you get to do so in person. Something a little like the above image.

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GaiGai will arrange for you and your date to meet in a nice restaurant, with a reservation placed under your names. So the first time you ever meet your date will be in person. GaiGai helps to retain all the genuine mysteries of meeting someone for the first time. Men also make themselves sound better physical and economically.

GaiGai: This Date Via An Offline Matchmaking Service In Singapore Did Not Go At All As Planned

Women start dating these men, thinking they are extremely wealthy, then later find out they live at home with their mothers. So there is no wonder many men and women feel like the Internet is just too laced with fraud. Evolutionary biologists have discovered a lot of the physical traits we consider attractive have a sound basis in genetics. Many websites have now started doing ID verifications, guaranteeing that the person posting the profile is who they say they are, but this only addresses their identity, not their social standing or appearance. Over the years many companies have been trying to use live video chat to help its clients get a real Idea of the persons appearance.

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But so far, no company has had a great success with this. One of the main reasons is that women tend to surf dating sites at night, after they have come home from work or school. At that point, they have removed their makeup and dress more casually; thus, they do not feel comfortable with live video. So with so many users dissatisfied with online experience, many users are just giving up online dating, citing too many bad experiences.


So what is the best way to find love? For age groups in the early 20s, social events work, school, bars, parties, and activities are still one of the main methods of meeting someone that leads to a serious relationship. These seem to work much less well as men and women get older. When you are in your 30s or 40s, your options decrease, as the people you meet in social environments are more likely to be already in a relationship, disqualified due to personal reasons, have children, pay alimony, medical issues and so on.

This group from the mids and up has the hardest time finding love online or in their everyday social life. So what seemed to be a dying industry is now having a rebirth. Matchmakers and speed dating companies are booming.

One of the biggest jumps in offline matchmaking is the international matchmaker or foreign bride industry. A Foreign Affair has combined offline with online matchmaking. A unique business, it requires all women to come into a local office in one of thirty different countries. This guarantees the appearance of the women and their identity. The men must fill out a background form.


All women are prescreened by their local offices. We screen the women for looks and sincerity. The women love the events because they know men who travel this far are very serious about finding wives.