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This is where you hear every quality stage most clearly. A lot of passionate hi-fi fans work at Magnat who still prefer a record player for listening to music. So it was an obvious move to design a record player than could incorporate all our knowledge from more than 45 years of hi-fi development.

But we have found a supplier that has been able to realise our ideas with perfection: We were able to benefit from this when developing the MTT The case is made of solid MDF wood and is so strong and heavy that it offers optimum conditions for the motor unit.

The feet of the MTT have also been produced according to our specifications and display exceptionally high vibration absorption. The power transformer is of a swinging suspended design to avoid further resonance. The case has a high-gloss black finish. It is a J-shaped, curved inch arm — which we feel is the best shape for keeping the tracking angle error as low as possible. The tonearm tube is made of special alloyed aluminium, with the internal wiring comprising high-purity copper wires from the Japanese specialist Mogami.

The tonearm features four gimbal stainless-steel bearings with carbon-steel ball bearings. To enable different pickups to be fitted without any difficulty, the tonearm of the Magnat MTT is height-adjustable and has a bayonet headshell for the convenient and precise fitting of pickup systems. The tonearm is of the so-called medium-mass category.

However, the quality of the drive and the arm is so high that even high-end pickups find an appropriate environment here. Its vitality and naturalness have made it one of the best-selling hi-fi pickups of all times.


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