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We drew bleaching for nineteen northwards but as they prisoned no releases dating commercial with puppet we befell mostly conserve much. Date sees shadow of her hip rolling in window and gets excited. As she continues to struggle to get into her jeans she gets one foot tangled in cord of floor lamp then the other and falls into mannequin with mannequin landing on top of her and the lights going out. Date sees this and looks to him like she is fooling around with another guy. The Impreza having less trouble starting the engine in cold weather condition than the Honda Civic by Eliminating the Distributor.

This ad was produced by RPA. This ad was produced by Bozell. The commercial features something tunneling beneath the snow, crossing a vast and desolate mountain range, bathed in the multicolored glow of the setting sun. The tunneling object is never exposed and actually remains undefined until the last seconds of the ad, when we see twin taillights light up at a partially submerged stop sign and then turn left.

The car is only identified as a Jeep on the final title card that flashes across the screen The commercial First aired during the opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympics. Although the ad was recognized for its remarkable special effects, many of which eschewed CGI in favor of practical setups, it has been most credited for its approach to the Jeep brand as a whole. Three frogs are sitting in a swamp sounding out different syllables until they finally speak out the name "Budweiser" [3].

Swinging in her baby swing to " Rock-a-Bye Baby ," a little girl. Swinging forward, she puts on a happy smile Swinging backwards, her face crumples in distress Swinging forward, her eyes light up again, swinging back tears form in her eyes, A reverse cut shows that the swing is facing a window When the swing comes forward the baby can see McDonald's golden arches When it swings back she can't.

With homage to Top Gun , pigeons attempt to poop on a Nissan, but the car is too fast for them. As an Eggo waffle pops out of a toaster, a family rushes over to grab it, but it disappears. In an instant replay, it's revealed their grandmother somersaulted through the air and finished eating it before they got to the toaster. At a fancy restaurant, Miss Piggy falls in love with a charming man. But when the man wants to eat her Baked Lays, she karate chops him through the wall. People are celebrating the new flavors of Baked Lays. When Miss Piggy has the door closed on her, she disrupts the party by kicking down the door.

While watching Star Wars , a little kid is sucking on the straw of his Pepsi too loud, so Darth Vader uses the force to crush his Pepsi. An usher stands up for the kid, and soon has a giant lightsaber battle with Vader. Bud Light "Chicken Pool". A man is bored while his wife is clothes shopping. He hears a voice in one of the clothing racks, and finds four of his buddies watching the game. Sean Hayes ,Kathy Christopherson. In a six-part commercial story, Louie the Lizard tries to kill off the Budweiser Frogs.

It goes like this: Louie tells the frogs to enjoy the first half, because they may not be around for the second. Louie denies rumors from Frank that he's going to kill the Frogs. The Ferret, Louie's accomplice, drops the Budweiser sign into the swamp, electrocuting the frogs. Louie says it's the best day of his life, until he sees that the Frogs have survived. Louie rants to the Ferret that he screwed up the job. Louie apologizes for trying to kill the Frogs, saying it was purely for entertainment reasons. In a Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner cartoon, Wile E.

Coyote is almost successful, until the cartoon ends before he can catch the Road Runner. In the Intel Lab where everyone wears radiation suits, the detective in a suit finds a processor missing. It's either Jimmy the Wire or Susie the Mouse. People voted in the internet poll "Whodunit? At the fourth quarter, the suspect was announced.

A little girl talks about how she would want a pet elephant. In sweet music, the girl talks about her adventures with the elephant. She instead gets a plush elephant with Visa Debit. The commercial ends with her dreaming of a pet zebra. Two men are at a Laundromat when a beautiful woman Ali Landry enters to do her own laundry and notices them eating Doritos. They try impressing her with elaborate ways of tossing Doritos 3Ds into the air. Intrigued, the woman then walks over to them, takes the 3Ds and tosses them into a washing machine where it shoots out individual pieces and demonstrates her own unique way of eating the new Doritos.

The man on the left then says, "Ay chihuahua! What appears to be a commercial for a car turns out to be a commercial for Hormel Chili. A man is constantly putting Tabasco sauce on his pizza. When a mosquito bites him on the leg, he does not mind. Because when the mosquito flies off, it explodes.

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A colored "Please Stand By" test bar is on the screen. A message scrolls across the screen: You should be watching the new ad from EarthCo Insurance. It starred those lifeguards from Baywatch and a chorus line of singing kangaroos. We even got Garth Brooks to do the music. It was very humorous. Unfortunately, a tape of the commercial didn't get to NBC on time. Had they used FedEx, they would still be our ad agency. Five guys are hanging out. One says that Elvis is back, while one jokes that he's dancing over at Pizza hut. We cut to Pizza hut to find this rumor true, as he's come back from the dead for their new Edge Pizza.

A fancy woman agent is representing Michael Richards as the Hilfiger spokesman. We see Richards losing at basketball when he hits his head.

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A CGI fly sucks on a drop of Pepsi. He then grows lips and a mouth, and proceeds to sing The Rolling Stone 's " Brown Sugar ", but is later crushed by a Pepsi can. One version has a red-headed teenage boy, while a different version was released with a young Ricky Martin. A man goes up to his car and drills a hole in one of his tires.

Since it's a Michelin tire, it still won't go flat.

While buying amazing car deals online, a woman is sucked into her computer to retrieve her new car. Bud Light "Paper or Plastic". Two guys are trying to pay for their items, but they do not have enough. They get rid of some items, and are left with toilet paper and Bud Light , but it is not enough.

Choosing between the two, they choose Bud Light. At a firehouse, two Dalmatian puppies roll around in a basket. The puppy with the blue collar is picked as the fire dog, in which [ clarification needed ] it sticks its tongue at his brother with a red collar. Two years pass, and the red-collared puppy is seen by the fire dog to be in a Budweiser chariot driven by Clydesdales.

The dalmatian then sticks his tongue out at his estranged brother. Louie the Lizard apologizes for last year's commercial see A lobster about to be cooked in a restaurant grabs a Budweiser and holds it hostage. Freaking out the restaurant, it leaves with the Budweiser. Characters from the Hanna-Barbera cartoons are shown what it costs for contact lenses, a treadmill, a Wonderbra , and a face lift. Being happy with yourself is priceless.

In a parody of He says that a bug caused computers to misbehave in the year , since they could not recognize the year They say that Macintosh can recognize the year, and then asks, "You like your Macintosh better than me. The Spy Who Shagged Me. In a TV promo, they announce that the new film to see this summer is the new Star Wars film. The second is the next Austin Powers film.

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Advertising the release of the film on video on Groundhog Day, Mushu rises out of the hole instead of a groundhog, but he ultimately gets hit by a football. At a college classroom, students are in awe of their hot teacher. She eats Smoking Red Barbequed Doritos, which causes the sprinklers to go off. Luckily, the students bring umbrellas. But when they forget to use their umbrellas the second time she eats Doritos, the students bow down to her in the rain.

The announcer then says, "Umbrellas not included". An agent is supposed to deliver the Stanley Cup on the hockey rink in a crate. The package instead is bird seed. In Bolivia, villagers receive a crate with the Stanley Cup, and use it as a cup for grapes. Four different commercials are used to describe the new New Yorker pizza, two ads saying that New Yorkers have big mouths because of the big pizza: Fran Drescher says how everything's big in New York.

Spike Lee constantly complains about things all over New York. An announcer says that the pizza's so big it has three zip codes. Donald Trump says that he has large things in New York, including his plans for the tallest skyscraper in New York and his name plastered all over the city. Wherever the wrestlers were walking around, everyone's beating each other up.

After aliens from another planet are able to get Buy. A security nightwatchman at an unknown place is bored. He goes into Hotjobs. Kids talk about what they want to do when they grow up, including filing papers every day, being a yes man, and having a brown nose. A man tries to hold the elevator by putting his arm in the door. The bad news is that he has a six-pack of bud Light in his hand, which the others in the elevator steal. A woman tells her boyfriend that her cat doesn't like anyone who takes her Bud Light. He ignores her by reaching for a Bud Light.

That is, until the cat turns out to be a tiger.

Dating commercial with puppet. Wonga pulls the plug on TV ad puppets 'that lure the young.

Louie and Frankie document a scandal which focuses on a summer photo shoot where the ferret posed nude. Three men are on the phone with a guy allegedly watching the game. A dog s not crying in a movie scene, so the director tells the dog to think back to his worst day. The dog's worst day was jumping over a hedge to chase a Budweiser truck, only to ram head first into the side of a lawn care truck.

The dog then gives the howl of his life. The announcer decide to take a break from commercialization and focuses on the Olympic Games with female swimmers swimming. Combat Rangers action figures are all wearing dresses. The toy makers found that the wrong shipping company got the wrong dresses in China. FedEx " The Lollipop Guild ". While greeting Dorothy, the Lollipop Guild lose their high voices.

A FedEx truck delivers three balloons to the group, they inhale the helium, and continue the greeting. Oxygen "Baby Girl Power". At a maternity ward, a pink cap for a baby girl is found on the floor. Soon, all the babies take off their caps, signifying they should not be categorized. A man stands in a vast, featureless white room. He says, "I need a car. In a completely silent TV spot, a bunch of random questions appear on the screen, such as "who keeps the coin after the coin toss?

To get opinions on Computer. An accountant asks a client if he gave anything to charity. The man exclaims that he gave a mint to "charity", who turns out to be a woman. We take a look at the tough and drama-filled job of being a cat herder. Two men and a monkey dance to "La Cucharacha". Then, the screen makes fun of the money being spent by websites on Super Bowl ads by saying: A young man scores the winning goal in a basketball game. His coach tells him that he's a natural. The player then declares that he wants to dance for a career.

A man who owns his own business is shown shredding paper. A voice asks if he really has time for this. The man realizes he can throw the papers into his backyard and shred them by mowing his lawn. The voice congratulates him and suggests that he use e-stamp. Two businessmen negotiate with a giant, light-up mouse-pointer hand.

The hand mocks the first businessman's suggestions, noting that "A startup in Frisco made a mockery of your signing bonus.

List of Super Bowl commercials

Kforce "Looking for a Job". A man leads someone through the red-light district of a city. After walking through a door marked "JOBS", he falls down a chute into a desert. Two men set up lawn chairs and watch an incoming tornado. They discuss one man's recent trip to Barbados as the tornado sucks the other man away at the last minute.

On yellow paper in typing while "Chopsticks" is played on piano , a message says: But it might be the best thing you see tonight. We send highly personalized emails on topics you ask for. How can we do all this with 7. We're information experts geeks. But we don't know diddly about making ads. A voice over a cell phone helps a man to reschedule a flight. When he tries to pay for it with a credit card, the voice alerts police that the man is impersonating the real cardholder.

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A woman stands on a street corner in a city. A man sits in a room with papers scattered everywhere. The papers gather into the shape of a monster and assault him. He survives by opening his laptop, which sucks the paper monster inside of it. Various images of people wearing glasses with tape across the middle are shown. A voice asks what would happen if everyone could access the internet without a computer.

When pets are left home, the Pets. A close-up video of Muhammad Ali shadowboxing is shown. On-screen text makes obscure references to circumventing the healthcare system. Budweiser "We Are Not Alone". A dog is abducted by aliens. It is revealed that the dog is actually an alien in disguise. When the leader asks what he has learned, the alien quotes the Whassup? It soon catches on with the alien, and an alien intelligence agency finally detects the race.

A commercial plays that shows sharply dressed men parodying the Whassup? The Fast and the Furious. The winner of the online poll for the best Pepsi commercial that aired during the Super Bowl is announced. The winning commercial is played: Bob Dole does a spoof on his erectile dysfunction commercials by using Pepsi as the product. Pepsi helps him feel young again, as he does a backflip. Bob Dole , Eric Stonestreet. A man brings a full cup of Pepsi on a rollercoaster. Somehow, he manages to spill none of it on the ride. Later, an attractive woman asks him for the time, and he spills the Pepsi on his shirt.

Several deserted dot-com businesses are seen, referring to the various dot-com companies which went bankrupt partly due to their commercials last year. The chimp sheds a tear for the corpse of the Pets. As a tribute to the victims of the September 11th attacks , Budweiser produced a one time only advertisement. They then stopped, gazed at the ruined New York skyline, and bowed in reverence and respect. The commercial aired only once, but was available on the website for a period of one year.

A modern take on this commercial aired a decade later, with the newly-built One World Trade Center in the background skyline. Austin Powers in Goldmember. Lipton Brisk "Puppet Strike". A puppet version of Danny DeVito is fired, as the new Brisk is so good, it sells itself. This causes all the puppets from the Lipton Brisk commercials to go on strike. Pepsi "Now and Then" [11]. Britney Spears promotes the Pepsi generation in the years , , , , , and the present day. Joe Pytka ; Cast: Britney Spears sings an updated version of "The Joy of Pepsi" jingle which was first introduced in A second music video was made into a commercial, which aired during the Super Bowl.

Request Demo Learn More. Spectrum TV Spot, 'Monsters: Media Measurement Data is based on life of ad, unless indicated otherwise. News 8 Update on ABC. Industry Share of Voice - past 2 weeks. House Guest' A mad scientist goes to battle over the internet speed with his roommate Gary, a ventriloquist's puppet. Facebook , Twitter , YouTube. None have been identified for this spot.