Family background dating

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First, ask yourself, do I have any real basis for my concern, or is this simply irrational, negative self-talk? Second, be straight up with the person you are dating.

Share the matter of concern with your partner. Tell them that you would like to know what he or she is thinking regarding the matter concerning you. This will accomplish so much as opposed to the destructive temptation of creating negative scenarios in your head and letting your emotions take you on a roller coaster. Regarding how to word your concerns, just be straightforward. This emphasis on communication speaks to the general importance of maintaining balance.

ᐅ➤ᐅ Family background dating

When someone gets hurt, they get upset. When our partner upsets or hurts us, oftentimes our heads can blow things up and grant it much greater power than reality does. In approaching this situation, it is paramount not to keep it inside. Further, the longer you keep these feelings bottled, the greater opportunity your head has to feed on self-defeating thoughts. So what do you do? After you bounce your feelings off reality and assuming reality does indeed confirm your thoughts, approach your partner about what hurt you.

Family background dating

Be aware, though, that our heads get extra excited because in that moment we become vulnerable. A sign of true strength is having the ability to allow ourselves to appear weak. For me, this would be the most ideal situation. I too look for the security of having someone who completely understands the background that I have come from. I also go a little further when looking for a mate, and consider how our families will get along, and how much my mate is comfortable in our situation.

Family means a lot to me, and I have always grown up with both sides of my family always around each other. At no point would I want my mates family or my family to dread being around each other.

Again, deep down inside I believe that finding a mate with a similar socioeconomic background may decrease the risk of them feeling uncomfortable around each other. I have found that people from two different socioeconomic backgrounds, where the man is of a lower one, has caused a lot of problems with the man feeling incapable of truly providing for his mate. If I had to come right out and say if a persons socioeconomic background is of importance to me, I would have to say yes after thoroughly considering everything I am looking for, and how ones background plays a role on who they have become.

I do believe that there are exceptions. People may come from different backgrounds, but something in their lives can lead them to want to go down similar paths.

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I would love to be paired with someone who has a slightly different past, if somehow we have managed to reach a similar take on our future. So I guess I would have to conclude that maybe the socioeconomic status of their family might not matter to me as much as my potential mates current socioeconomic status or where they are headed.

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