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A source reference to one of the standard publications, such as IG, will get you directly to the translation.

Browsing through a fuller selection of source references is also available, as well as browsing translations by present location of the inscription, by publication date on GIO, by monument type and inscription type and by date. Translations are based on the most recent, authoritative original Greek text, the reference to which is given above the translation.

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Other key textual sources and collections commonly used as references are also listed. IG references are listed first, in chronological order, then SEG references which are normally used in preference to references to individual books or articles , then other references in chronological order and, in some cases, key historical bibliography is given. The translations are arranged so that, as far as possible, clauses are allocated the same line numbers as their equivalents in the original Greek text. To learn about our Privacy Policy, please click here.

Background Inscriptions on stone are the most important documentary source for the history of the Ancient Greek world. Any name used in a positive context in the New Testament was liable to be taken up. Some Greek names, however, entered the European name stock through their use in works of literature.

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The list below gives a modern name, followed by its Greek original and skeleton information about the frequency and dates of occurrence of the Greek name: The numbers given include instances from volume V B, not yet available on line. Greek names were extraordinarily popular at Rome from the 1st c BC onwards, as is indicated vividly by the added figures given in the form plus X at Rome , taken from H.

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Solin, Die griechischen Personennamen im Rom , 3 vols. A later column in the table indicates the probable 'springboard' through which the Greek name entered the later name stock. But different names were adopted at very various dates and by various routes often via French or another European language, and sometimes a further famous bearer of the name ; the Reformation in England, for instance, caused a turning away from saints' names towards those attested in the Old and New Testaments.

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Where the adoption of a name in England apparently occurred after , that date is noted precision is hard to achieve earlier. For fuller details see E. Inclusions, exclusions and near misses:.

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Some 'Greek' names had entered Greek from different sources, most notably the Bible. But names that were created in late Greek as expressions of Christian values are included Anastasia, Christopher, Gregory. Cynthia and Delia, barely attested as real names in antiquity, only scrape in below. Many other names with Greek origins e.

Alethea, Antigone, Philemon, Theophilus that have come and gone in English are not included. Cyril of Jerusalem died and St.

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AD plus at Rome early 20 th c. AD plus 56 at Rome 19 th c. AD plus 6 at Rome 19 th c.