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During your first year of life you were treated like a doll by your parents and sisters. You were welcomed into the world as a little princess.

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You received much love and attention in your surroundings. You learned to be friendly and charming to keep your sisters happy, as sometimes they would tease you and boss you around. By the time you reached adulthood, you continued to be very sociable, charming and had the ability to flirt.

This made other girls jealous of you.

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You grew up with a very active and creative imagination. Men and women around you just love your personality as you are very easy to get along with. An older brother of sisters is your best match. You are attracted to his leadership skills and great attentiveness to towards you. He listens well to your ideas as he enjoys your creative nature. An older brother of brothers is also a great match for you, as none of you have the advantage of growing up with opposite siblings.

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You may have some conflict with understanding each other, but learning to open up to each other is the key to making this relationship work. A younger brother of sisters is another good match for you, as both of you have older sisters. This would be a narcissistic type of relationship. Both of you would have lots of fun together, but when it comes to planning for the future, you may need some help from your family and friends. This happens to most lastborns that are paired together. A Younger brother of brothers is a poor match for you, as neither of you grew up with opposite siblings and you're both lastborns.

This would bring in lots of conflict. A male only child is also a poor match for you. You won't understand each other and run into decision making problems.

Dating birth order compatibility

This is because you're both lastborns and you both lack opposite siblings. You're the luckiest creatures of all. You're blessed with the best birth order when it comes to attracting men. You have the advantage because you grew up with brothers, you had the practice on how to deal with them on a daily basis. You learned how to cope with different male moods and bossiness.

Therefore, men consider you very easy to get along with.

Who you should marry based on your birth order

You used your charm and sensitive nature to win conflicts with your older brothers. You crave being in the spotlight and have lots of empathy and understanding of men. Romantically you may attract troubled men and hope that love will solve everything. You have a great attraction towards one another. He has a sense of what's best for him and so do you.

This relationship can blossom into a magical love. A younger brother of sisters could also be a potential match. Since both of you grew up with opposite siblings, you have a great understanding of each other. The only issue would be the fact that you're both lastborns and lack the proper organization that's needed for a marriage to work. This relationship would be fun and exciting and would work wonders if you got outside help for long term planning.

A Younger brother of brothers is a poor match for you, as you're both lastborns. He lacks the opposite siblings. You wouldn't be happy as you'd miss the leadership and romantic qualities from a desired partner. A male only child is you're worst match. He craves too much attention and is too focused on career to have time for you. In a sense you're both lastborns, so he doesn't understand your needs, so this type of relationship wouldn't work so well. You are quite lucky as you derive both qualities of firstborns and lastborns.

You're the most creative, driven, successful, friendly, and focused individuals on the planet. You are favored by everyone, as you were praised more and got lots of attention as a child.

You tend to be a perfectionist. There's two sides to this. If you become a doctor, then you need to get things right, so obsessing over every detail is worthwhile. The bad side, is stress. Being worried and anxious all the time can ruin your day or give you trouble falling asleep. Meditating and taking things easier in your life will help overcome this perfectionism. You take your career very seriously and devote all your time and energy compared to other men.

Like other firstborns, you want to reach the top and be number one. You have great confidence that helps you succeed. You will need a romantic partner that will support your career choice and accept the long hours that you put into the job. You have a great advantage when it comes to meeting a potential mate compared to other guys. This is because you have the character traits of both firstborns and lastborns. For your lastborn personality, your best match is an older sister of brothers. She will compliment you best by being maternal and by supporting your career.

An older sister of sisters is also a great match. Neither of you have the advantage of having opposite siblings. She tends to have a relaxed nature, which is great for you, as she will be supportive as you pursue your career dreams. In both long-term and short-term relationships, you like to go with the flow and you do your best to avoid conflicts.

Dating you is one hell of an adventure with many awesome perks. You know the best places to go, the best food to eat, and the best people to hang out with. You tend to not mind little mundane things. For example, washing dishes and laundry can wait. Sometimes you can be quite naive and overly optimistic, and need your partner to get you back on the ground and draw you practical boundaries.

You might also feel entitled to constant attention and have a tendency to stubbornly do things your own way. Dating you might not be the easiest because of how okay you genuinely are being on your own. However, the moment you feel like you can trust and open yourself up, you give yourself fully and you love wholly. Go ahead and add "failed relationships" to the long list of things you can blame on your parents.

How your birth order changes your marriage. HILARIOUS!

All that undiluted parental attention also means you like to be in control. You may have trouble with sharing, compromising and jealousy. That said, you may need to work on spontaneity and fighting your natural aversion to risk. But as much as you like appeasing everyone, trail blazing is also important to you. Older sibling became a lawyer like mom?

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You went to art school. Remember to open up and communicate when something bothers you, despite your inclination toward peace keeping. If my family is any indication, the youngest child almost always has it easiest. Your parents have lived and learned at the hands of your older siblings, so they're more likely to let you do your thing.

Chances are you're up for anything — a result of not really having a say as a kid. And spending time with older people introduced you to grown-up humor and sensibility at an early age, so you're probably fun and funny. You don't feel the need to plan or take charge because you're used to someone else doing it for you.

That said, it's possible your parents' babying equals a lack of responsibility as an adult. In a relationship, be sure you're not becoming too dependent on your partner; you don't want your significant other to feel like he or she is parenting you. Stereotypically thought of as spoiled as a result of being your parents' sole focus as far as kids go , you probably act more like an oldest child than a royal.