Dating and intimacy in the 21st century

His Facebook profile is tagged in that picture, so feel free to look him up, too. One major benefit is the instant connection to people or groups with whom a person already holds a strong familiarity. This static form of information interchange without regard to privacy is happening with stunning rapidity.

Text messaging represents the current nadir of this cultural trend. When a person texts another, the information exchanged loses many dimensions for both parties just as quickly as the messages are sent. Anonymity stifles sound ethics and morals. The text message brutalizes emotionally sensitive situations between people sharing intimate relationships. Yet, people in the U.

Intimacy Devolved: 21st Century Dating - US Represented

They relegate the overall value of intimacy to impersonal interactions that often require little or no personal responsibility for things said and done. At first glance, that may seem like a lot — but look closer. Only 12 million matches are being made in one billion swipes. Why venture out into the harsh, unforgiving battlefield of love when you know you will only end up alone and crying into one litre of Nutter Butter Fudge ice-cream at 1am on a Friday night?

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Sounds hauntingly familiar right? Tayla, a year-old student nurse was brave enough to do so, sharing her past dating trials and tribulations since joining Tinder months ago.

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At first I didn't tell anyone I was on it out of embarrassment. But before I knew it so many people were on it - but still nobody admits it! Tayla says the app has been both positive and negative — developing a new sense of confidence and a better understanding of both men and the dating world. Looking back on it now I should have raided his wallet and left laughs. I did however pretend my phone was ringing to wake him up and then left within the next ten minutes. This now common, sexually forward behaviour is symbolic of an increasingly disposable culture devaluing intimate, meaningful sexual relationships.

Intimacy Devolved: 21st Century Dating

Unsurprisingly, the final result is an emotionally tuned out generation. Now they sit behind their phones and try to think up cheesy pickup lines hoping they get laid. So, in this current day and age, is it possible to meet someone over the internet, create a happy, healthy relationship and survive the blood bath of hooks ups and casual sex?

It was actually so good, not awkward, we got along so easily! I definitely told my brother where I was going and what time I would be home the first time we met! It seems in this dating economy both men and women alike are refusing to commit to long term relationships. Which I suppose, automatically, when the hook up happened it didn't just mean "nothing.

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On the polar opposite side of the dating world are couples like Casey and Eric who met and fell madly in love during her 18th birthday party in Since moving to Melbourne to study Photography at RMIT, Casey has learnt how to maintain a long distance relationship for the past 18 months and disagrees with alternative dating methods; encouraging friends to ditch the apps when it comes to romance. I have personally seen several friends become emotionally involved in Tinder 'relationships' as they feel like they have been used after a 'one night stand'.

People need to get out there again, meet in person. It really is not that hard to get out there and be outgoing and friendly, where people see you in your full form, not judge you by the four pictures on your internet profile.

But just because Casey and Eric did not meet online does not mean they are safe from other 21st century dating issues. Just like any other couple, they to also sometimes find themselves arguing over social media observations made on each other's profiles. Our obsession with constantly monitoring what photos our partner likes on Facebook, who they friend, who and what photos they like on Instagram or who they Snapchat most frequently is driving many relationships off the edge and to breaking point — causing arguments, jealously and distrust.

The sheer volume of information now available at our fingertips is both exhilarating and extremely scary — many individuals sourcing information aka evidence from social media to catch out cheating boyfriends and lying partners. Is she you're new girlfriend?